The only potentiostat with high current capability*

SP-150e Dual Channel Electrochemical Workstation
Dual Channel Electrochemical Workstation

The new BioLogic SP-150e is an electrochemical workstation designed to meet your research needs. This dual-channel electrochemical workstation with EIS capability is ideal for a wide range of general electrochemical applications, but the ±1 A current range makes it particularly suitable for energy applications including batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells (RRDE compatible), and electrolysis research.
will bring the following advantages to your research.

  • Flexibility to increase power according to research needs
  • The only one with high current capability (800 A with booster)
  • Equipped with three EIS quality indicators for EIS validation (THD, NSD, NSR)
  • Amperometric workstations available for improved Ethernet compatibility for group work

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