The most modular multi-channel constant potential meter*

VMP-300 multi-channel electrochemical workstation
The ultimate multichannel potentiostat

The Biologic VMP-300 is the most modular chassis in the series, offering 16 slots for constant potential meters/constant current meters with integrated EIS boards and/or booster boards. They can be combined according to user requirements to achieve high currents or to drive many measurements on all channels at the same time.
will bring the following advantages to your research.

  • The EIS function is available as an option with a frequency range of up to 7 MHz.
  • Low current sensitivity can be further improved using the ultra-low current option.
  • All multichannel potentiostats are multi-user systems. Thanks to BioLogic's Ethernet LAN connectivity, multiple computers can be connected to the electrochemical workstation simultaneously.

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