Customized electrochemical workstations for energy research*

VSP-3e research grade 8-channel potentiostat
research-grade multichannel potentiostat

The VSP-3e is a research grade multi-channel constant potential meter specifically designed to meet the needs of energy research applications. With space allocation for up to 8 channels, this constant potential instrument is flexible enough to meet the requirements of researchers and R&D specialists. Moreover, with +/- 1A (expandable to 800A with a booster), Ethernet LAN for improved multi-user/PC connectivity and EIS (optional), the instrument is particularly well suited for battery research applications.
will bring the following advantages to your research.

  • Fast CCCV conversion (constant current, constant voltage)
  • Stack mode (keeps track of individual elements in a battery pack)
  • BCD (Battery Capacity Determination)
  • Automated Colombo efficiency mapping

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