tempest liquid handing system

Formulatrix USA Breaks Throughput Limits*

Tempest High Throughput Dispensers
TEMPEST Liquid Handler®

TEMPEST® is a non-contact multi-purpose dispenser. By utilizing 96 independently controlled outputs, it allows you to dispense up to 12 different reagents simultaneously. Dispense any volume, any reagent into any well.

  • Precision - Non-contact microseptum technology uses positive displacement to ensure high precision control over a variety of reagent types including cells and magnetic beads.
  • Low dead volume - non-recoverable dead volume down to 48 μL per chip
  • Flexible - TEMPEST supports all SBS board types for easy integration with other robotic automation, and features optional board stackers and barcode readers.
  • Fast - 200 nL to 96-well plates in as little as 3 seconds and 1 μL to 384-well plates in as little as 5 seconds

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