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What are metamaterials? What are the types and applications of metamaterials?

"Metamaterials (Metamaterials)" are artificial materials with extraordinary physical properties not found in natural materials. Metamaterials interact with light or other forms of energy in ways that do not exist in nature through micron/nanometer-scale patterns or structures designed around them, typical metamaterials are left-handed materials, photonic crystals, super magnetic materials, metallic water, etc.

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The 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics is announced

At approximately 5:49 p.m. Beijing time on October 4, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences decided to award the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics to French scientist Alain Aspect, American scientist John F. Clauser and Austrian scientist Anton Zeilinger for "their experiments with entangled photons, which established the non-validity of Bell's inequality and pioneered quantum information science. for their "experiments on entangled photons, for establishing the disproof of Bell's inequality, and for pioneering the science of quantum information".

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