Micro and Nano Processing | MEMS Research Direction Classification

MEMS research has formed a more complete system covering several research fields, mainly including basic theory, micro-nano process, micro-nano devices, micro-nano testing, micro-nano systems and micro packaging.

Current MEMS research can be divided into 4 major directions:

Micro Energy

The rapid development of portable electronic devices put forward higher requirements for the energy density of portable power supplies, and the use of microfabrication technology to manufacture micro-energy devices, 'can significantly reduce the size of the energy supply device, providing a powerful tool for the development of high energy density portable power supplies, is the current energy field and the micro-nano field of cross-research hot spots, in recent years is expected to make a major breakthrough in the practical aspects.

Micro and Nano Biochemical Sensing and Analysis

Research on micro and nano biochemical sensing and analysis includes drug screening chips, protein chips, single cell analysis chips and other micro full analysis systems, nano acoustic biosensors, nano optical biosensors, nano magnetic biosensors, nano electrochemical sensors and other devices and related technologies.

Micro Actuated Devices and Systems

The study of microactuators is an important direction for micro and nano systems. It covers micro RF devices, micro robots, micro air vehicles, micro fluidic actuator devices and micro optical devices.

Physical measurement microsensors

Physical measurement sensors are widely demanded in the fields of weaponry, petrochemicals, and automobiles, etc., and many applications require sensors with small size, high sensitivity, and the ability to work in harsh high-temperature, high-moisture, and high-impact environments. Compared with traditional sensor structures, physical measurement microsensors manufactured using micro-nano technology are more likely to meet these needs.

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