Photovoltaic micro and nano structure processing

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Micro and Nano Processing

We have on-line microfabrication prototyping services to help customers achieve performance-structure verification in the areas of optical capture, optical extraction, optical modulation, carrier dynamics, mechanical flexibility and other novel functionalities (structural anisotropy, polarization properties, and enhanced chemical or phase stability, etc.).

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Drawing optimization and process determination

In order to best achieve this, we will first evaluate your drawings, provide suggestions for drawing modifications, and recommend the appropriate process and equipment for processing. In addition, our company promises to destroy the records of your drawing files in the local computer after the delivery is completed to achieve absolute protection of customer privacy.

Detection and characterization 1x1
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Structural testing characterization report

In order to guarantee the quality of the delivery, we provide a quality report on the finished product (usually an optical inspection report). But at the same time, we additionally provide measurements of surface geometric parameters and mechanical characteristics of the finished product. This covers tests on the three-dimensional dimensions of the components, contours, film thickness, surface roughness, tensile, transmission characteristics, durability, etc.

Micro and nano structures


Micro and nano structures

Photon Capture

The interaction of incident light with the micro-nano structure extends the optical path, leaving more incident photons in the photosensitive layer to generate standing waves and improving the light absorption of the material to reduce the consumption of the material
Pyramid Array

Micro and nano structures

Light Extraction

Tuning of micro and nano structures can improve the extraction efficiency of emitted photons partially confined within modes such as waveguides and substrates

Micro and nano structures

Light modulation

Tuning of micro and nano structures can improve the extraction efficiency of emitted photons partially confined within modes such as waveguides and substrates
Micro and Nano Structures - Etching

Micro-Nano Architecture

Carrier dynamics improvement

The micro-nano structure can increase the contact surface area of the interface and shorten the diffusion length of photogenerated carriers, which is conducive to carrier transport and collection.

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Electron beam lithography (EBL)UV lithographyProximity/contact lithography, stepper lithography, etc.


Two-Photon Polymerization 3D Printing (TPP)

Focused ion beam etching, deep reactive ion etching, inductively coupled plasma etching, ion beam sputtering etching, etc.

Nano-thermal embossing, UV-curable embossing, micro-contact printing (soft etching)



Magnetron sputteringAtomic layer deposition.Ion beam sputtering, ,Plasma chemical vapor deposition, etc.

Test characterization

Detection means

Optical microscopy (Microscopy)

Detection means

Profilometer (Profilometer)

Detection means

Sheet Resistance Measurement

Detection means

Hall measurement )


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Micro and Nano Applications

Microlens arrays

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Micro and Nano Applications

Line grid polarizer

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Micro and Nano Applications

Masked version

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Micro and Nano Applications

Flexible Electronics

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Micro and Nano Applications

Anti-reflective film

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Micro and Nano Applications

OLED Panel

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Micro and Nano Applications



Micro and Nano Applications

AR Optical Waveguide